Hardware and Builds

by Pete 5 minutes read

Discover how to conduct effective burn-in tests using the Phoronix Test Suite on Linux systems. This guide covers essential tests for CPU, memory, GPU, and more to ensure your hardware’s reliability and performance.

by Pete 10 minutes read

Explore the fascinating process of adding upper memory to the Amstrad PC1640 in emulation with our insightful guide. Learn about configuring the Everex EV-159 RAM 3000 Deluxe card in 86Box, enhancing your retro computing experience with expanded memory capabilities.

by Pete 10 minutes read

Step into the past with our guide on setting up the Amstrad PC1640 emulator. Recreate the nostalgic world of vintage computing with ease. Get started now!

by Pete 10 minutes read

I converted a small-form-factor Lenovo desktop PC into a Steam Box for playing Steam Games. Any good, you ask? Find out here!

by Pete 9 minutes read

I’ve used Microsoft operating systems for over three decades; the time is right to move to a Linux as my daily driver.